About What Am I Gonna Do

It could be fine to talk about what I try to do in this blog or the series of posts that I will create. At the first time, I should mention that English is not my first language. Sometimes it might be I make mistakes while writing. But I will write everything as simple as possible so everything will be clear. If you see I did something wrong fill free to mention that in the comment or just email me at "" You might think, Who am I? well, it doesn't matter :) my name is Milad / Miraddo. I'm a person like everyone interested in the world of computers. Just I would like to mention I will write all my codes with the Go programming language.  I will write about everything that I learned with basic concepts into deep of that concepts... The purpose of this blog is to make my knowledge fresh. I should know which part I understand and which part I didn't understand while writing about them everything will be clearer to me :). Let's Start  I found th
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